Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Wait is Almost Over!

Many of you know I am a Harry Potter fan... A HUGE fan... I wasn't always, but then one day, I picked up the first book, then by the end of the summer I'd read all 5 that were out and had to wait a YEAR for book 6! Now, Book 7 is almost here... I've read all the other books several times over (something I rarely do...) and can't wait to see what happens. I must admit, I did take a peek at one of the spoilers that rushed around the Internet, but I won't say anything here. I'll just wait like the rest of us to see what happens to Harry and crew.
But, while I'm waiting, I did put a bunch of earrings on my Etsy site and spent most of yesterday surfing Flickr... What a cool site! I can see I'll be spending MANY hours there once I've finished off the Deathly Hallows... I posted many beads for sale there as well. For those interested, feel free to peruse the goodies. After 6 weeks, our digi camera came back all happy and fixed, so I've been snapping pix left and right... Hence the rush of pictures... Here's my worm dude... Still working on a good name for him...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

$2 Bras and Hibernation

Now, this may surprise some of you - but I'm not a world wide traveller... No exotic lands to explore, no jet setting to Paris for dinner.... So, when I went to my local Wally World to get some hamster bedding (see how exotic I am!) my head was turned by the clearance racks outside the entrance. Being a thrifty gal - I got giddy... Sad, yes, I know....
But, imagine my surprise to find bras going for $2!! And they had them in my size!!! Woo Hoo!!! I snapped up a bunch and went on my way. Alas, I got home, tried them on, and found I was no longer that size... (The only part of me shrinking I guess.... LOL) So, I returned them, but there were no more $2 bras...sigh...
As you can see from my last post, I've been REALLY bad about posting here. I've become a bit of a hermit it seems. For about 18 months, I've been battling knee pain. It has gotten to the point now that I am going to get a partial knee replacement. At 41, I am quite young for this, but with kids 6, 6, and 7 - I need to be able to get around - fast too!
Also, our digital camera broke. If you don't have an extended warranty on yours, get one! It did take 4 weeks to get it repaired, but it only cost us shipping to the service center. I was SO happy when the UPS truck pulled up yesterday!
Now that I know the date of my surgery, I've got a lot to do before then, so I hope to post more often and now I can even post pix I've done since the camera broke!
Off to play with some beads and clay!