Friday, November 30, 2007

Today is the Last Day

Of post every day for the month of November challenge.... Could that be why the President came to my little town? If I hadn't read it on page 12 of our weekly paper, I'd never have known about it. I wonder why that was?

Anyway, I hopefully will be more consistent with my blogging now that it's sort of a a habit now....

Thanks to all that have followed and commented on my ramblings....

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Too Pooped!

To do much of anything at the moment. I promised to upload pictures, but between going to school to have lunch with my DD,(after putting the touches on 23 handmade bookmarks for her class...) wrapping all her presents, tracking down a Hippo Webkinz, creating the questions and hints for her Treasure Hunt and then watching her open and squeal (while her sisters weren't so happy THEY didn't get it....) and then do the whole dinner and bedtime thing. I'm just too pooped to pop....
I promise to be better tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Mad Dash....

Tomorrow, my daughter turns 8. It is hard to believe she is going to be 8. I see flashes of her as a young woman and I about die inside. NOT MY BABY!!!! She's a great kid and I am so proud of her. That is why I hauled myself around to several different stores trying to find ALL the right stuff for her special day. I'm pooped. I just finished putting on the final touches on the 23 bookmarks I made for her class...
Now that I have a camera, I'll take pix and post tomorrow.
Good night!

OH MAN!!!!

Today, while pulling out of the Target parking lot, I realized I forgot to blog yesterday... Soooo close and yet so far! I hope I don't get penalized (too much.... )
I will blog this evening too, and hopefully this will make up for my indiscretion.

Monday, November 26, 2007

November 2007 Etsy BeadWeavers Challenge - Caught in a Net

This month's theme is Caught in a Net. Talk about some seriously stunning work!!! Vote on the site and visit their Etsy sites. They are all amazing artists!

Also, visit Carol Dean's blog after you vote and leave a comment. You will be entered in a chance to get this:

Sunday, November 25, 2007

What a Nice Surprise

11-24-07 Gift Guide for Grumps Treasury
Originally uploaded by Sand Fibers

I can't view the Treasuries that Etsy has, so I am always bummed when people talk about them... However, a wonderful gal, always takes screen shots. Image my surprise when I peeked on her flickr site and saw this!

Gus is my guy... Upper left hand corner...
Thanks so much!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ah, the Holiday Coma....

After two intense days of activities and family, it was nice to hang out in the pjs and just veg... Tomorrow, it's back to a schedule and readying the kids for school on Monday. But until then, I will "Lay like broccoli"...

(anyone remember that line?)

Friday, November 23, 2007

A Little Creative MoJo...

I've been sorely lacking in the creative mojo department lately. But, in the spirit of the day after Thanksgiving gift bonanza, the girls and I made some journals and even dabbled in the clay. Boy did that feel great!
The other bonus for today was I was able to drive to my physical therapy appt. today... YIPPEE!!!!
Have your fill of leftovers, and pop a few buttons... Better yet, wear elastic!

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Soon I'll be off and into total chaos! Not for me, but for my MIL who hosts our unruly bunch and all her other kids kids too... About 30 in all... Yep, lots of noise and LOTS of food!!! Gotta get there early so I get some dirt cake....!

May you have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Think Pictures this year...

I have a very funny photo of my girls (that I'm banned to share with the cyber public.... ) and wanted to give it to the grandparents. A picture quickly gets lost.. So I am putting them on mugs, and a mousepad for the hubby... The best price I found is at Discount Photo.
Now, I do plan on buying a couple of coolio items from Moo. Their sticker prices can't be beat and will be great to put on my boxes. Also, they have these sweet little mini cards that are great!

Take a peek and see what great gifts you can give this year!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

So, He's just an Idiot!

I understand him leaving Jenny... but Deanna? He even says he misses her every day, but is STILL unwilling to see what happens...

What A DOPE!!!!

OK, I promise tomorrow I won't rant about the Bachelor...

Monday, November 19, 2007

Who Will He Pick?

The bachelor is about to come on... So I'm off now to indulge in a little frivolity...

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Holy Cow!

Originally uploaded by Wes Warren
This guy, Wes Warren does some A-MA-Zing cane work!! Then, he is a pro at reducing these beauties with virtually NO distortion! I wanna be like him!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

EBW Rules!

Click on the picture and be prepared to be Wowed!!!! There are some amazing bead weavers on Etsy!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

I Just Love Etsy!!!

I've been trying to find something different (and not China made) to put in her goodie bags this year. I finally found a shop that has some cute snowmen at a very reasonable price. She's gonna make them green and smell like bubble gum!

How cool is that?!

Thursday, November 15, 2007


If you think of Captain Kirk when you read that - Welcome to my insanity!!!
When I took this challenge, I figured 30 entries would be a piece of cake...It's NOT!!!
I have a major appreciation for all that do this all the time. It is really hard to put a piece of yourself out there every day...
As for my fiction writing, I'm stalled... That's probably why I never get published... LOL

Have a great night everyone!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

13 Days Left.... Give One Get One....

I first heard about these laptops on 60 Minutes... (Or a similar program....) I loved the idea of letting children in third world countries have access to the Internet, to empower these kids with information and knowledge. It disheartened me to learn this program has had many hurdles to overcome. This year, for a limited time, they are offering a great program. Buy one laptop at a VERY low price of $399, and you will get one sent not only to your house, but some kid in a developing country will get one too!
This isn't a cheesy laptop either... It has some very cool features, including being built to withstand brutal climates. The screen swivels all the way around and it has game controllers embedded into the design.
Please, take a look and think hard about either taking advantage of the program or at least donating to this worthy cause.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My New Knee!!

This is an xray with my new knee... It's been four weeks since I got it and it's a slow process... Hopefully soon, I'll be up and running in no time!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Next up on Etsy....

Since my camera is broken, I figured I'd go through my pix and see what I had. This is a set I adore and am finally ready to part with....

I am pretty proud of them since I made the stamp that I used as well.
Here's the link....

Sunday, November 11, 2007


I'm feeling blah today.....
So, instead of bringing you down, I am going to give you a prosperity blassing, my friend Mary sent me.....

May you be blessed with an amazingly abundant day today!

May the clouds break and the heavens pour down upon you more joy, more love, more laughter and more money than you could have ever dreamed of.

May the sun shine its golden light of prosperity through every cell of your extraordinary body.

May you be cleansed today of any resistance or feelings of unworthiness that you may still be holding onto.

May your false illusions of doubt, fear and scarcity gently fall away like soft white feathers on a gentle breeze.

May you be willing, simply willing, to allow the Universe to shower you with miracles today.

May the Angels wrap you in their shining wings of opulence.

May the fairies deliver you to their pot of gold at the end of a majestic rainbow.

May your eyes shine with the glorious truth of who you really are and may that truth uplift others in your presence to their own inner knowing.

May your ears hear the sound of perfection ringing in your soul.

May you taste the deliciousness of every precious bite of life as your day unfolds moment by moment with amazing grace, heartfelt love and a bounty of magnificent money.

As this day ends, may you slumber wrapped in an exquisite blanket of enduring peace and profound gratitude.

And may the last words you speak today be Thank You!

So, before I go to bed.... Thank you!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Feelin' The Polymer Clay Love...

Actually, the PCAGOE love..... I've been highlighted this week there, so I thought I'd take a moment and show you some of the awesome work these artists do......
You can click on the image and go right to the listing, or on their name to go right to the shop.

First up, and in no particular order is Made in Lowell....

She not only works in polymer clay, but felt too!

Now for the Dog lovers - here's NanjoDogz

Isn't this just yummy?
Made by Naftali.

This pendant and many other stunning pieces are made by Marcia Palmer.

OK - One more... Last, but not least is my favorite piece since it always makes me smile.....

Itty Bitties For You makes the greatest Super Dogs!

Now, if you promise to be good, I'll send some more off into cyberspace another day.....

Friday, November 09, 2007

Getting Cold Here...

They are talking flurries tonight, but nothing will stick... My kids are excited, my hubby is grumbling.. When I lived in NY state (WAY Upstate....) There was always snow before Halloween. Here, it's mostly ice and slush... YUCK! Give me a decent snowfall and I'm out there building snow forts and sledding... I only come in when the kids make me....

Thursday, November 08, 2007

A Bit of a Rant...

Another recall today.... The sickest part about all these recalls is that we (the US) haven't put ANY sanctions on China yet.. Why is that? Is it because the corporations are more worried about their bottom line than the lives of our children? I just don't understand it!
We will fight over fossil fuels, but not for the health of future generations...
It makes me very sad......

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I'll Be Featured...

On the Polymer Clay Artist Guild of Etsy's website... It will be up on the 9th, or thereabouts... Of course, I have to get my butt in gear and give them my pix and such... I guess I should do that... huh?
Check out the website and take a gander at all the amazing artists there... Definitely worthwhile!
Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Why I Love to Barter...

I have a niece that LOVES horses.... I thought of making her some horse jewelry, but a friend of mine does such an awesome job in sculpting, painting and doing all sorts of thing horse, that I asked if I could purchase something from her...
Now, here's the best part... she wanted to barter!!!
WOO HOO!!! I love to barter.... It always makes me happy to create something for someone I know they will love and I always cherish what I get in return...
I am in the process of making her some Christmas-y earrings, but am stuck on do I make a tree, a present, a candy cane, a snowman, a snowflake or a wreath... Then, I have to decide if I want to make it 2D or 3D... I am thinking of a wreath only because I have a great pattern for it... However, it is up to Carole...
Speaking of Carole, she has an eBay site for your shopping pleasure...
Thanks so much Carole! She is SOOOOO going to love it!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

One Dedicated Blogger Here....

After my debacle last night and not posting, I almost didn't do it again tonight! Imagine that.... However, to show my devotion, I am laying in the lower bunk of my daughter's bunk bed typing this out on my laptop..... (I'm here to scare all the bad dreams away as she falls asleep...)
So, I know I won't be able to work on my fiction, although I will try... So, here's a picture to keep you happy... LOL

What the heck is it? It's an alien pretzel we found one day and just had to take a picture...
So, tomorrow, if you are having a bad Monday, take a peek at this guy and be happy you didn't have his life!

Can You Believe It?

I plan on blaming my faux pas on my kids... They are all sick and at the end of the day, the last thing I wanted to do was get on the computer... So, I missed day three of my blog... Man, oh Man!!!!
I hope you forgive this indiscretion.... I will post more later.....

Friday, November 02, 2007

Day Two...

Today I am a bit earlier, but nonetheless pushing the envelope in getting my blog entry up.
This year, I made the Pledge - a decision to buy handmade.... With all the recalls and such, doesn't it make sense to either make something yourself or buy from someone who puts a bit of their heart and soul into something for you to enjoy?
It is not news that I am a HUGE proponent for Etsy and think the time has come to go back to handmade and skip out on most of the commercial junk that is out and about. I have kids, so I know that I won't be able to get away with this completely, but I am hoping by having them make their presents they will understand the need for handmade.....
Okay, off my soap box and back into my Fiction....

There are women that have it all together, look great right after having a baby, keep an immaculate house, have well-behaved kids, and volunteer for everything. That's Casey. The worst thing about her is that she's also a truly nice person. So, you can't even hate her!
This is why my life is a shambles. I want to be like her. I know I have no hope in hell to be even close, but I can dream. It's why I always say yes to all her requests. At least I'm not alone in this. Half the town scrambles around trying to be like her and failing miserably.
After Jim left the kitchen, I snapped up the cordless phone and did what any woman would do in my position. Call and complain to my best friend, Liz.
Liz and I met at the Library eight years previous, toting our infants to a Mommy and Me class, desperate to get out of the house and let someone else think of activities for a half hour. I saw her, her frizzy brown hair pulled back in a ponytail and shuffling in with her chubby baby boy in an infant carrier and a diaper bag bursting at the seams. She plopped down next to me and my precious little girl, clad all in pink. I felt superior for a moment until my daughter spewed milk all over her nice outfit and, of course, me.
"Oh Crap!" I muttered. My illusions shattered.
Liz laughed and pulled out a cloth diaper and started blotting the spit up from my pants. From that moment on, we've been inseparable. If the phone rings in my house 99% of the time it's Liz. The same goes in her house. We go everywhere together and our kids love each other. Our husbands hide in the basement on Sundays and drink beer and watch ESPN. I think they really just want to get away from us hens.
On the second ring, Liz answered. "What did Casey get you to do now?"
"I hate it when you do that." Really, how did she know?
"You don't call until after the Morning News unless Casey called and enlisted your help again."
"Okay, smart butt, what do I have to do?"
"Let's see... It's mid-October and she needs help. Must be the wrapping paper fund raiser."
"How did you know?"
Liz laughed and kept me hanging.
"Spill, woman... and stop laughing!" I commanded.
"I saw a note about the orders were coming in next week in Jake's school folder yesterday."
Jake was Liz's eight year old boy, and he was betrothed to my Olivia, who was also eight.
When I didn't answer right away, Liz continued. "I take it you didn't see the paper."
"I have yet to wade through all that stuff. With three kids, I swear I must get 50 pages of junk to look through." Liz only had the two boys, Jake and Jason and the youngest was just three.
Me, I was a regular baby factory. Three kids in three years and I was truly hoping I wouldn't ever get pregnant again. My body was already unrecognizable.
"So, you want me to help out?"
"Of course." I knew I never had to ask, she'd do it, just as I'd do it for her, but it made me feel better.
We spent the next half hour complaining how things never get done, both avoiding the obvious that if we got off the phone we'd get more done.
By eleven in the morning, I had cleaned up the dishes, put away the laundry, swept up the floor, and consumed three cups of tea. I was ready for the rest of the day - or so I thought.
In the bedroom, I sat down on the bed and it felt nice and comfy. I laid down and the next thing I knew it was one o'clock.
"Oh, crap," I yelled and ran into the bathroom to shower. In a half hour I was supposed to be at Casey's house to pick up the order forms to go over. Within fifteen minutes, I'd showered and dried my hair. I slapped on a layer of mascara and fluffed my hair. It was passable, but not even in the same solar system as Casey was. Looking at my clothes, I grabbed a t-shirt and jeans. I sucked in deep and buttoned the top button, and adjusted my shirt so that bulge wouldn't show.
One day I hoped to be half as together as Casey I mused as I raced down the suburban streets to her development. I slowed down since I always got lost in there. All the street names were dumb like Honeybee Court and Thistle Way. The houses all looked the same and I had to watch the house numbers on the mailboxes to make sure I found number 1403.
Casey's Lexus eggshell SUV gleamed in the pristine driveway. It was the perfect accessory to the brick faced colonial with hunter green shutters and a beige front door. The brick walk was abloom with fall mums and other shrubs and plants. There wasn't a weed in sight.
Once again, I compared my weed infested front yard to hers. I hated feeling like a did. My jeans were too tight and I looked like a harried mom. My life sucked.
I took a deep breath and rang the doorbell.
"Come in," I heard Casey yell.
Through the clean beige door I went, taking in the gleam of the hardwood and the formal living room to the right. Not a knick knack out of place, no dust bunnies in the corner, no toys lingering on the stairs.
"In here," Casey's voice called from the kitchen.
From down the hall I saw the counter, all shiny and uncluttered. As I got closer, I sensed something not right. A cabinet door stood ajar. Silly thing really, but I had to make myself feel better somehow.
I came into the kitchen and saw a different scene than I could have imagined. Casey sat at the table, immaculately groomed and sipping a cup of coffee. It all looked normal if you discounted her husband on the floor in a pool of blood with a kitchen knife sticking out of his stomach.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

A Month of Blogs...

I really can't believe I almost messed up and it's the FIRST day! Sheesh!!! I was sitting, beading and watching ER and remembered that I signed up to write an entry a day in my blog for the Month of November. So, here I am, under the wire, typing out something quick so I don't blow it!
It's brought to you by the same people that do the Writing a Novel in a Month....
I would put some pretty pix up, but hubby broke the camera so I will be photoless for a while... EEK!!!

So, I decided I'd do both challenges at the same time... I'll write a bit of a story each day to keep you entertained.... I'd do a dance, but it wouldn't be pretty.....

So Here's the Story..... THIS IS TOTAL FICTION!!!

How could I have been so stupid? Let the machine get it. That's what my inner voice said, but do I ever listen? NO! So, once again I over obligated myself and Jim, my husband, would give me hell for doing this again. When would I ever learn?
While Nina was at ballet and Joey at soccer, I'd whip out my handy dandy cell phone and call a bunch of other mothers in hopes that they'd help me out. Nobody has the time. I knew this, but I'd make the calls, badger and cajole them into submission. I was good at it. In my former life, I was a Project Manager, handling multi-million dollar projects and dealt with all kinds of people. I knew how to handle them. What I couldn't do was keep the house tidy, find enough clean socks, or make a nutritious meal every night. I was not June Cleaver. When I was single, and even newly married, I didn't even like kids. Now, I sat in my kitchen, up to my elbows in dirty dishes and crumbs, mentally whacking myself in the the head for saying 'yes' yet again. I know I'm not Super Mom or even Competent Mom. I wanted to do it all, but I just couldn't.
Jim, stumbled into the kitchen, grunted a Good Morning and grabbed a cup of coffee. After 10 years of marriage, I still lusted after my husband. What was there not to love? Sandy brown hair, deep green eyes and a lean body with just enough muscle to make any girl swoon. His only downfall? The ability to be rational at all times. It got downright annoying.
"Don't say it," I said, heading him off at the pass.
"Yes, I did it again. It's why I'm sitting here looking like hell, while you look all sleepy and sexy. It's why the dishes aren't done, the house is a mess, and our kids went to school in two day old underwear."
He smiled that lopsided smirk, that showed a hint of a dimple. Crossed the kitchen to the table and kissed me on top of the head. He squeezed my shoulder and sat down next to me.
"Why do you do it?" He asked, but he knew the answer.
"The same reason I always do it."
"Yep. Casey. Damn her!"

OK, that's it for tonight. I have sick kiddies to attend to... I hope you enjoy this diversion!