Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Happy August Everyone!

Hard to believe it's August already... In less than four weeks, my little ones will be in school and I'll have some time to really kick up my productivity. For now, the heat is keeping us inside and a bit cranky.

For the past two weeks, a peregrine falcon has been hanging out, but always scoots away when I get the camera out. I got one picture, but it's just basically a dot in the sky. The other day, it tried to come closer, but I heard a cacouphany of crows and watch two of them basically run the poor falcon out of town. He/She is still about since I can hear the cries, but not as close as before. So,
in lieu of a picture of a falcon, I'll give you a picture of a rainbow that appeared over my neighbor's house after a serious righteous storm.
Pretty cool huh?
I am finishing up the Kidz Camps that I've been teaching at Polymer Clay Express and everyone seems to be having fun. I've been quite impressed what these kids have created.

I've finished up two alien beads and they are on eBay at the moment, and have another one done, just no photos yet.

Stay Cool! See you soon!

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