Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Whatcha Think?

Can you see I've been fiddling? What do you think of the new layout? I added a Flickr badge so you can see the latest pix I've uploaded and an Etsy mini so you can see what's in my shop. How cool is that?
I also added a few things to my Etsy shop yesterday and had gobs of fun with Bloglines. If you aren't familiar with it, then let me tell you ALL about it! I love to read blogs, but I rarely do because I forget, or hate having to click on each bookmark. (So last year!) A guy on one of my flickr groups mentioned this site and I'm in heaven! One stop shopping for all your blogs! Add each blog and then you have a list and one click will bring up the blog without having to go anywhere!
Now, I command you to spend MANY hours on the internet surfing these sites!


Texaiano said...

Sooz, I am glad you found bloglines. You are right. Having a feed reader really helps speed things along.

Since you're already putting your feeds into Bloglines, why not add mine. My website is, and the feed is

Hope to see you there. -Texaiano

Faith said...

Way cool new blog-look Sooz! Bravo!
And I LOVE the SOOZ KNEE BEAD SET ~ :-) Bravo x 2!
TTYS :-) Faith