Friday, September 21, 2007

Fritos and Fluff

For those with culinary sensitivity, please read no further... Just look at the pretty pictures.....
Maybe it's because I'd been reading Janet Evanovich's book Mean Thirteen, or it's my eternal immaturity... I love fluffernutters! For those not in the know, it's a Peanut B utter and marshmallow Fluff sandwich. Now, I have been known to put potato chips or tortilla chips inside a PB&J, but hadn't thought of doing that with my fluffernutter. So, the Fritos were a side dish...
Then, some of the Fluff oozed out... So, what could I do? I had a Frito in my hand and scooped it up with it. It is REALLY good! Now, I don't promote this in large quantities, but a few here and there are just yummy! Yep, just a big kid.... that's what I am!
I entered Margie Deeb's color challenge and here is the result:
I don't know when I'll hear anything, but it was fun doing this!


Claudia said...

this necklace is beautiful! I love the color... Congratulations for this great work!!!

Maggie R said...

Sooz.... Your piece in the Margie Deeb contest is gorgeous.. I was looking at the entries and I know Grace that won.. In fact I just won a beaded doll from a contest that Grace had! Small world eh??!!
I had a peek at your Etsy shop too. Nice work and so much fun. I love Etsy and have a shop too. Are we girls suppose to have this much fun??!! Continued success