Tuesday, November 04, 2008

America - GO and VOTE!!!!

What an exciting day for us Americans. We will either have an African American President Elect or a Female Vice President elect! It is great to see people out there waiting in line to go and vote. I hope all of you in the US take part in this historical election. As for me, I will be going out later with my girls and letting them watch me vote. Then, we'll be off to the library! In the meantime, I will leave you with a story of two hapless folk from the Nogwood Forest.....
Bertha is late... She's in her Coven finery and even managed to find the big hatted hat she wears every 4 years. No, she isn't off to the monthly Witches's Cauldron, but she is flying off to her voting polling place!

However, her broom and her have had a fundamental difference with the candidates, and it seems to want to take off without her.... Bertha sticks out her tongue in concentration as she gets a leg onto the broom. The whole time, she's wondering why she ate ALL the Halloween candy.... It's all gone to her butt and making it even harder to mount the wayward broom....
Will Bertha make it? I sure hope so!

Peter was once a young man who never listened to his mother. She always told him to not eat so many pumpkin seeds, because pumpkins would grow out of his ears. He laughed at her and said, "I'm Peter. Peter Pumpkin Eater. Nothing will happen." But it did... And at the worst time too! He needs a picture ID at his voting place, and he hasn't had time to change his Driver's License. Let's face it - it's almost impossible to drive with a pumpkin head!
Will Peter Punkin' Head vote? I have faith he will!
The question is-- Will you?


twenty pound tabby said...

Those are great! I love halloween items.

I voted early.

sue said...

Hee, well I can well identify with
Bertha's indulgence in candy and
having probs getting up on that

Peter Pumpkinhead is so cute - love his expression!


penguinsplunder said...

Freaking cute! They're totally fun and I love the little stories.

The Quest Continues LLC said...

Great stories Soozer! ROFLMAO re: Bertha's Butt (way toooo familiar -see it in MY mirror every day) :-)

Can't say which figure I like more - both so neat - love your work :-)

Miss you!

Email coming (eventually, lol)