Sunday, February 07, 2010

Nothing to See Here......

...but SNOW! Hubby is going to take some pics when he's out clearing the driveway. Friday and Saturday gave us 30" of snow! Makes me wish for my snowmobile I had when I lived in Upstate New York. I have two nephews in Florida that don't get to see snow, so we will email them some pics too. They get a kick out of it. I wonder if they would if they had to shovel the stuff!

I will not be able to help hubby this time around and probably not for the rest of the Winter. On 2/1/10 I got yet another knee replacement. This one replaced the partial I got a couple of years ago and failed. This time, I got a full knee replacement from a doctor who specializes in the type of joint that I needed.

So, for now, I'm laid up and will probably blog more. I will definitely be reading more, so if you are interested, I put a link to my Good Reads page. Feel free to recommend books! Maybe I'll even bead a bit. I did finish a bracelet that I have to post.

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