Tuesday, June 01, 2010

What is Your Favorite Color?

People ask me that and I immediately answer, purple. I love all the shades of purple, fuschia, and magenta and the like. However, when I look through my bead stash, I see I almost very little in the way of purple.
I've got lots of greens, blues, and even a smattering of browns and yellows. I did make a conscious effort to purchase more purple (like I need a reason to buy more beads!), but it still doesn't compare to the amount of blue I have. I wear blue often (blue jeans being my uniform) and black since it is a slimming color. Purple, I have a couple of shirts I rarely wear. My favorite sweaters are green and blue respectively. I have blue glassware, my china is blue and my everyday plates are blue floral.
Now, why this little bit of introspective? Well, it's Fae's fault. (For those who don't know, she is an evil bead maker who makes sparkly and swirly beads that I find irresistable....) This past week Fae, or EBM (evil bead maker) put up some bead auctions. One had a turquoise swirl and another a beautiful cobalt blue set of beads. I immediately put in my bids and was thrilled to be the high bidder. Then life got in the way and I noted that eBay had sent me a notice that someone had outbid me on the bead set. I meant to re-bid, how could I let those yummy beads go to someone less deserving?
Unfortunately, I didn't win the blue bead set. I was quite saddened at that. Those beads made me rethink my favorite color! But EBM, being an EBM, sent me an e-mail asking if I wanted her to make me a similar set. She had read my mind! An EBM with ESP!! What is not to love? I had planned on asking if she had any other cobalt blue beads hanging around that I could snap up.
So, if anyone asks my favorite color, I will probably still say purple... .
Go Figure!
What is YOUR favorite color?

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