Thursday, November 01, 2007

A Month of Blogs...

I really can't believe I almost messed up and it's the FIRST day! Sheesh!!! I was sitting, beading and watching ER and remembered that I signed up to write an entry a day in my blog for the Month of November. So, here I am, under the wire, typing out something quick so I don't blow it!
It's brought to you by the same people that do the Writing a Novel in a Month....
I would put some pretty pix up, but hubby broke the camera so I will be photoless for a while... EEK!!!

So, I decided I'd do both challenges at the same time... I'll write a bit of a story each day to keep you entertained.... I'd do a dance, but it wouldn't be pretty.....

So Here's the Story..... THIS IS TOTAL FICTION!!!

How could I have been so stupid? Let the machine get it. That's what my inner voice said, but do I ever listen? NO! So, once again I over obligated myself and Jim, my husband, would give me hell for doing this again. When would I ever learn?
While Nina was at ballet and Joey at soccer, I'd whip out my handy dandy cell phone and call a bunch of other mothers in hopes that they'd help me out. Nobody has the time. I knew this, but I'd make the calls, badger and cajole them into submission. I was good at it. In my former life, I was a Project Manager, handling multi-million dollar projects and dealt with all kinds of people. I knew how to handle them. What I couldn't do was keep the house tidy, find enough clean socks, or make a nutritious meal every night. I was not June Cleaver. When I was single, and even newly married, I didn't even like kids. Now, I sat in my kitchen, up to my elbows in dirty dishes and crumbs, mentally whacking myself in the the head for saying 'yes' yet again. I know I'm not Super Mom or even Competent Mom. I wanted to do it all, but I just couldn't.
Jim, stumbled into the kitchen, grunted a Good Morning and grabbed a cup of coffee. After 10 years of marriage, I still lusted after my husband. What was there not to love? Sandy brown hair, deep green eyes and a lean body with just enough muscle to make any girl swoon. His only downfall? The ability to be rational at all times. It got downright annoying.
"Don't say it," I said, heading him off at the pass.
"Yes, I did it again. It's why I'm sitting here looking like hell, while you look all sleepy and sexy. It's why the dishes aren't done, the house is a mess, and our kids went to school in two day old underwear."
He smiled that lopsided smirk, that showed a hint of a dimple. Crossed the kitchen to the table and kissed me on top of the head. He squeezed my shoulder and sat down next to me.
"Why do you do it?" He asked, but he knew the answer.
"The same reason I always do it."
"Yep. Casey. Damn her!"

OK, that's it for tonight. I have sick kiddies to attend to... I hope you enjoy this diversion!

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