Thursday, July 24, 2008

201 Hearts!!

I am SO excited! I went to my Etsy store and decided to peek at how many hearts I had, and I have 201! Way better than just 200...LOL! I was shocked when I hit 100, so to double it is just fantastic! Thank you to all that have hearted me!

In other news, my computer is on the fritz. First it was the keyboard. I had my IT guy (so impressive sounding... It's my hubby who does this kind of stuff for a living....) and he ungunked it, even soaking it in alcohol to make it squeaky clean! Once that was done, my kids wanted to go on WEbkinz (UGH!), but then I noticed that my power was always on battery, although I had the power cord in. I told my IT guy to buy me a new cable, and he scoffed at me.... "Why spend $20 on a power cord? You know I can fix it." So he cut the power cord in half and is working on that problem. In the meantime, I'm on his laptop (fancier and WAY faster!), and I'm at a loss withouth all my icons and programs I use everyday.

Why do I tell you all these things you ask? I don't know... But then again, why are you still reading... LOL!!!
(Yep, I'm a brat!)


Lorri said...

Hi there

Love your creations and put your blog in my blogroll.

I'm just starting out in polymer clay and it's soooo much fun and great stress relief (you know, conditioning it). I made a seahorse. You can see her in my blog, Let me know what you think? Or what I could have done better?

Happy crafting!

Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

You are a brat Sooz! LOL when I got to the "why are you still reading" part! Congrats on the hearts!