Friday, July 04, 2008

I am WAY behind!

We had the second week of classes and we thought we'd try some micro-macrame... But, then we decided that these classes are supposed to be fun, not frustrating! Sheesh! I applaud ANYONE who can do the micro-macrame! I tried to do an earring for over four hours, and they came out hideous!
So, we opted for the lark's head bracelets in leather... That was frustrating enough... LOL

Once they were finished, Robin made a really pretty bracelet with the SLON thread and some crystal beads. (Of course, I didn't get a pic of it....) Jenny decided she wanted to make some dangly earrings... Here's what she came up with:

Then, I showed her how to make the polar bears I make, and here is her version... How cute is he?

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Lilin (aka Christina) said...

Love the bear! So cute!!