Friday, November 06, 2009

Stinkin' Vampires...

I blame them all! While my creativity has left the building for awhile, I've been reading. After a friend got me hooked on the Twilight series, and I read them about three time each, I decided to look for other books. So I picked up Mary Jane Davidson's series, and they were fun, though some were a bit too raunchy for my taste, her 6th book really sucked me in and now I wait on the library list for her latest...
Then, I picked up the book Magic Bites. Gotta love the title. Then I read it and really liked the character Kate Daniels. But, now that I've read the first three and the novella, I have to wait until GASP June of next year! (of course that's when Eclipse come out in theaters, so it will be a great month!)
So I read that series twice and Ilona Andrews paid a wonderful tribute to Laurell K. Hamilton. So, I picked up her first book and thought it was pretty cool. I am now reading Blue Moon, which is somewhere in the middle of the series.
Great news is that she's got TONS of Anita Blake Vampire Hunter books in the series! Maybe they will get me to Nov. 20 and the New Moon premiere.
Stinkin' Vampires!

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