Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Time Flies!

You'd think with a Drs appointment today at 9am, I'd be up and out early, get tons of things done, come home, clean up the dishes, take and edit my pictures and list them...
Who knew?!
Actually, I did get a bunch of errands done, mostly for my oldest's upcoming bday party. But, before I knew it , it was 2:30 and I'd just gotten home.
Enough time to take the dog out, talk with the hubby, check my email and then go and wait for the bus.
Now, it's about 9:30pm, the dishes are still in the sink, I didn't get around to taking the pictures, much less edit them, and I'm pooped!
On a positive note, I did finishing reading Dead After Dark by Charlaine Harris and am looking forward to reading more of her series. It's always fun to watch the series (or movie) and read the book(s) too!

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Faye said...

I have a rubbermaid dishpan that ALWAYS has a few dishes in it Sooz, lol (and the only reason it's A FEW is paper plates)!

PS happy 'almost bday wishes' to the upcoming birthday-er! (there I go making up words again) :-)