Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Beaded Cane - A Story of Procrastination!

I knew that in my recovery from a knee replacement, my cane would be used for a few weeks. It's a plain old black one and I thought it was silly for it to stay that way! Now, of course, I'd scheduled this surgery 3 months out, so I knew I was going in on February 1st. So, of course, I didn't start this project until February 10th, a week after I got out of the hospital! I planned on blogging as I went along, but of course, that didn't happen.
So you get to see it all at once. Isn't that exciting?!
I drew out a pattern:
I started to bead.

I got a little further...

You can see I don't follow patterns very well, not even my own!
Finally, two weeks later, I was finished.
It didn't come out exactly as I wanted, but I wasn't going to start over!
So I put it on my cane...
It looks pretty good on it, I have to say. But alas, after a week of using my newly decorated cane, I finally started walking without it... sigh...


Pretty Things said...

Wow! And I can't even imagine beading the entire cane!

Faye said...

Oooooh how pretty!
(That's what I call making the best of situation, lol!)
Well done Soozer :-)
How's the knee doing/feeling?


Sooz said...

Can you believe I toyed with that idea? Must have been the medication talking... LOL

Faye -
The knee is getting there. So glad the old one is out!

GrandmaMarilyns said...

REally cool, sooz. Love the way that you showed it from start to finish.

Marilynart said...

I had left knee replacement surgery on February 23rd. Wish I had thought of this great idea. My cane is blue and actually kind of pretty as is, but your idea is fantastic. Hope you are doing well with your recuperation.

Sooz said...

Marilyn -
I hope you are doing well with your knee. The first four weeks are pretty brutal with pain and then the physical therapy. After that, it does get easier!
I see so many canes now with coolio designs, so I just had to jazz mine up!